Overcoming Adversity

Big Brother Sean and Little Brother Miles

Big Brother Sean and Little Brother Miles

The world can be a very scary place for any 10-year-old. This is especially true for someone with Asperger’s, a condition that affects the ability to socialize and communicate. Thanks to the help from his Big Brother Sean, Little Brother Miles has grown tremendously from a shy, inward child to a happy, smiling young boy with plenty to say. Many kids let their personality traits make it hard for them to try new things or understand how to deal with certain situations. Big Brother Sean identified this as a key area to work on early in their match. Little Brother Miles used to feel lonely and would get upset when faced with life changes. But with the support of his Big Brother Sean, Miles is now learning to overcome new things and new emotions.

“One of the most important things I try to help Miles with is his social skills. I want Miles to be happy with himself and share that with others,” Big Brother Sean stated. Sean has made sure to plan activities where they can bond closely, such as playing chess, as well as activities where Miles can slowly break out of his comfort zone, such as sporting events. Although their first Milwaukee Bucks game was a little rocky, due to a little too much going on for Miles, they are both looking forward to giving it another try and working on Miles’ comfort level. They have also gone to watch the Brewers play, gone sailing, and done some pumpkin carving.

Little Brother Miles’ mom has been very thankful to Big Brother Sean for providing guidance and helping her son gain his sense of security. “Sean has done a great job taking Miles out of his comfort zone and helping him try new things,” said Miles’ mom. She always wanted to have a male influence in her son’s life who was older and could help him deal with new things life was throwing at Miles. With help from his Big Brother, Miles has developed his self-confidence and is better prepared to handle big challenges and opportunities.

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