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Big Sister Robyn and Little Sister MeKayla

Big Sister Robyn and Little Sister MeKayla

Last year, Robyn, a Comcast employee in Illinois, was matched with a local high school student named MeKayla. The pair was matched through the Comcast Beyond School Walls mentoring program with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago.

Over the past year, one event that Robyn and MeKayla particularly enjoyed was Comcast Cares Day, held at MeKayla’s high school. During the day, they helped to complete a project at the school, which included building a flower garden, putting together and staining picnic benches, and creating an outdoor mural for the entrance of the school.

MeKayla enjoyed the opportunity to work side by side with Robyn during Comcast Cares Day. She liked getting to introduce Robyn to her friends, and also had fun getting to meet Robyn’s daughter.

“The Comcast BBBS Beyond School Walls mentoring program helps me to work on what I need to do to be successful not only in school, but also in life as I get older,” MeKayla said. “Robyn, my mentor, also helps to motivate me and keep me on the right path.”

The Beyond School Walls program, first started in 2008 as a partnership between Comcast and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeastern Pennsylvania, matches Littles with Bigs who lead successful working lives in the community. Students in school are matched in one-on-one mentoring relationships with professionals who help to give them a look at a real working environment, and to help offer guidance for the future. Since its start, it has continued to spread around the country and has become a unique volunteer model.

Robyn understands the chance she has to have a positive impact in MeKayla’s life. “I truly appreciate the work that BBBS does to create this mentoring opportunity for the Littles and Bigs,” she said. “High school is an important time in life. It is full of big choices. I am lucky to be MeKayla’s Big Sister and always look forward to talking with her.”

Soon, Comcast Cares Day 2015 will again see participants working on a project directed by a student in the program, Vincent, along with Comcast employee Chris Jewasinski. The project will involve creating an outdoor volleyball court, as well as beautifying the outdoor areas where students like to spend time before and after school.

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