Another Home Run

Jon looks forward to going to baseball games with Jesse.

When Jamie expressed concern about the lack of a positive male influence in the life of her nine-year-old son, Jon, his school administrators introduced her to their School-Based Big Brothers Big Sisters program. That’s when she and Jon met Jesse, an Intelligence Linguist in the U.S. Air Force. According to Jamie, Big Brother Jesse is a great guy and a wonderful role model for Jon. She says, “I know that Jon can learn better manners and better social interaction skills from Jesse.”

“Jon enjoys his outings with Jesse and is always very excited to share his experiences with me when he comes home”, reports Jamie. As an only child, Jon can connect with Jesse over their many shared interests, such as baseball. In fact, Jon attended his first major league game with Jesse just last summer!

As for Jesse, he became interested in Big Brothers Big Sisters because his best friend was a Big. When he moved across the country, he felt that Big Brothers Big Sisters would be a good way to connect with his new community. According to Jesse, “I have good, open communications with both Jamie and the Big Brothers Big Sisters Match Support Specialist, which is important.”

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