Big Brother Gives Back

Racquan and Kevin hang out and do guy activities.

Many children receive material gifts such as toys and video games for Christmas. However, the day after Christmas, 2009 Little Brother Racquan first met his Big Brother, Kevin who just may be the best gift ever. After all, who better understands the value of a Big Brother than a former Little Brother himself?

Back in 1975, Kevin was one of the first children selected to participate in a Big Brothers Big Sisters program at Rutgers University. According to Kevin, his Big Brother was a college senior who reinforced the values and ideals instilled in him by his mother. He also benefited by having a positive African American man as a role model.

For exactly this reason, Tammi, Little Brother Racquan’s cousin and guardian, values Kevin’s impact on Racquan. “Kevin is wonderful. He supports Racquan’s school work, participates in one-to-one activities with him, and, most important, can answer the guy questions posed by a typical 13-year-old boy.”

Tammi called Big Brothers Big Sisters because Racquan lives in an all female household that includes his two sisters. She is thrilled that his school work has improved since his Big Brother came into the picture. Kevin and Racquan go to the movies and enjoy attending sporting events including Major League baseball games.

According to Tammi, the Big Brothers Big Sisters Match Support Specialist calls every month to check-in and allows her to feel secure about Racquan’s participation in the program.

Big Brother Kevin, a teacher at a juvenile detention facility, proudy says, “I made a commitment to this program and to Raquan because I was once a Little. I understand the importance of a African American man as a role model.”

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