Professionally Supported

Meet the professionals who are hard at work making sure our programs are run safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Leadership

Leading us in the right direction, from our Executive Team to our Board of Directors, Big Brothers Big Sisters has a compassionate and dedicated group of individuals on our side that are willing to do whatever it takes to help change children’s lives for the better.


Our Team

Sarah Roorda
Executive Director

Emily Dellinger
Fund Development & Communications Associate

Suzanne Leichtnam
Match Support Specialist

Peg McGann
Event & Program Support Specialist 

Ed Worton
Match Support Specialist 


Board of Directors

Dylan Bakley, Board Chair
Atlantic County Utility Authority

Lori Tarud, Vice Chair
TD Bank

Eli Massood Jr., Treasurer
Friedman, LLP

Rachel Iaconianni, Secretary
Enroute Computer Solutions

Dr. Haley Baum
Stockton University

Dr. Janice Lake Betts
Artscape, Janice Lake Betts & Associates

Scott Lindsay
Global Textile Recycling

Robert Loefflad
Ford, Flower, Hansbrouck & Loefflad

Reverend David V. Mallory
1st Baptist Church, Richland

Eric Reich
President, Reich Asset Management LLC

Mary Ann Tait